At STEGH, quality and safety are key priorities and each year we commit to particular improvements in a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).This past year we met or exceeded nearly all of our QIP targets. Here are some highlights.

Quality and Safety:

We will ensure a safe environment for all and will provide the highest quality of care for patients, visitors and staff.

As a leading hospital in the province in both Emergency Department wait times and advancing patient experience strategies, we continue to deliver quality and safe care through all patient programs.

Here are some improvements and successes from this year:

  • We set a target of 80% of all mental health inpatients having a discharge plan in place at the time of discharge and we exceeded the target with an average of 89% for the fiscal year.
  • Our new Mental Health and Emergency Departments are equipped with state-of-the art safety alert systems with GPS for enhanced staff and patient safety.
  • STEGH had only one lost-time injury and received a rebate from WSIB Ontario for 2017.
  • We had eight staff members complete their LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt Training, a continuous quality improvement methodology.
  • Our new Integrated Stroke Unit (ISU) is celebrating its first year in operation. The new ISU is helping stroke patients return to their cognitive and physical functioning. The ISU helped over 500 patients this year alone, and we anticipate even more in 2018/2019.

Through the development and subsequent public posting of our Quality Improvement Plan, we encourage continued dialogue with our patients and community about the quality of care they are receiving and encourage engagement through our Patient Partners Program.

Surgical team walking through hallway

STEGH performed over 8,900 surgeries in 2017/2018 and had over 51,000 emergency department visits.

Three kids wearing “It’s OUR Hospital” T-shirts

Students from Pierre Elliot Trudeau visited STEGH with their projects, titled: What does an excellent patient care experience mean to you?