At STEGH, quality and safety are key priorities and each year we commit to particular improvements in a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).This past year we met or exceeded nearly all of our QIP targets. Here are some highlights.

Financial Stewardship:

We will ensure financial and environmental stewardship through the delivery of efficient and productive processes and systems.

We ended the year with an operating surplus of $1.3 million. In addition to the operating surplus, we met all debt obligations and reduced our long-term debt by $1 million.

This year, with the completion of the new North Tower, STEGH invested over $77.4 million in capital and equipment. This included the new North Building, enhancements to the Main Tower, as well as the purchases of patient care equipment. We wish to thank the Province of Ontario, the City of St. Thomas, and Elgin County for the capital grants and our donor community for their generous gifts that make these investments possible.

STEGH wishes to recognize all staff, physicians and volunteers who contribute every day to support our mission – providing excellent patient care, and our many donors who through the Foundation have contributed over $10.6 million towards our North Building and other patient care equipment.

Two staff members smiling in front of poster
Group of staff members holding cake