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Listening to the voice of the customer

The Patient Experience movement continues to grow and evolve across North America. STEGH’s commitment to listening to the voice of the customer and respecting people, both key pillars of Lean, drives our patient experience strategy. Our strategy relies on best practices, a commitment to re-invigorating compassionate care, and promoting patient, family and community engagement.

Guided by our patient and family-centred care framework, STEGH focuses on four key drivers to advance this work, namely patient and family-centred care principles and behaviours, our culture and values, structure and design, and skills which include people, communication, clinical and technical skills. By embedding the patient voice in how care decisions are made, how programs are designed and delivered, and by listening to and learning from patient feedback, STEGH is further advancing the patient experience agenda.

We are utilizing a variety of engagement strategies to deliver on our vision to deliver an excellent patient-care experience – every time. Patient storytelling is one way in which we share what we are doing well and where we have opportunities to improve. We also have a Patient Experience Council that consists of 11 community volunteers – known as Patient Advisors – and five staff advisors. The council is in its third year and has achieved many successes during the past fiscal year.

Patient advisors sit on planning teams related to model of care and wayfinding and they participate in continuous improvement events to provide the patient perspective. The Patient Experience Council led the work to create standardized patient and visitor communication boards across the hospital, and provided input in the 2017-18 Quality Improvement Plan.

STEGH’s commitment to continuous improvement and listening to our patients to help guide this work is made easier by ensuring that we receive your feedback. Every patient upon discharge is provided with a patient satisfaction survey and this past fiscal year, 42% of patients completed and returned this survey letting us know what went well – and what didn’t!

On these surveys, patients and families have the opportunity to acknowledge a staff member or physician by name who helped contribute to their positive experience. This happened a total of 2,800 times this past year and these names are posted on weekly patient satisfaction scorecards displayed across the hospital.

STEGH’s successes to date in elevating and advancing the patient experience strategy have garnered attention across Canada and the United States. Our Patient Experience Coordinator, Nancy Lawrence, is a Faculty Advisor for the Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program for HealthCareCAN, the national voice of healthcare organizations and hospitals across Canada with a focus on informed and continuous, results oriented discovery and innovation across the continuum of healthcare. As well, Nancy and Patient Advisor, Andrea Fordham, travelled to the Beryl Institute Conference in Denver, Colorado this past year to present a session on implementing family presence guidelines.

STEGH continues to actively recruit volunteer patient and family advisors. For more information on the role of an advisor and how to apply, click here

A grateful paediatric patient left this message on his hospital room communication white board: Thank you to all the nurses, janitors, doctors, dietary that helped me get better!! I wouldn’t have gotten better if you guys didn’t help me when I needed help. Thank you all so much!!!

A grateful paediatric patient left this message on his hospital room communication white board. Clearly, this patient understands that every staff member, regardless of role, impacts patient experience!