A message from Karen Davies, VP and CNE

It is often said that nurses are the backbone of healthcare, and I couldn’t agree more. Nurses are here at STEGH each day, around the clock, delivering high quality care to patients and I respect the vital role they all play, not just in the delivery of patient care, but in improving and transforming our hospital. Our Lean journey, which began in 2011, continues to guide us in our daily work. This approach to healthcare focuses on respect for people, listening to the voice of the customer, eliminating waste in the system and concentrating on what is of value to our patients and providers. By creating a culture rooted in compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and safety – our CARES Values – we will be able to continue to meet our vision. We have 361 nurses on staff at STEGH, which represents 42% of the workforce. They are employed in 10 different role types at STEGH, including Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Clinical Resource Nurse, Operating Room Technician, Occupational Health, Clinical Education, and various leadership roles.

Regardless of role, each and every one of them across the continuum of care makes a significant impact on our ever-evolving hospital and greater health care system. These individuals truly do impact the patient experience, handling patients’ needs from admission to discharge, utilizing their skills and experience, to provide professional, compassionate care. During this past year, STEGH assumed a new role as a District Stroke Centre in the South West LHIN and our nursing staff, alongside their allied health colleagues and physicians, now provide acute and rehabilitation inpatient care, and a secondary stroke prevention clinic. Our ability to provide highly specialized stroke care to promote optimal outcomes for patients experiencing a stroke is great news for our community. Research has proven that early access to a stroke unit saves lives and improves outcomes after stroke.

Our Integrated Stroke Unit (ISU) is a specialized hospital unit with interprofessional teams of care providers who have advanced knowledge, training and expertise in stroke care. For stroke survivors requiring inpatient stroke rehabilitation, patients remain on the ISU once the acute part of their stroke recovery is complete. This is unique, as patients are not transferred to another hospital or facility for inpatient stroke rehabilitation services. This allows patients to stay in the same bed with the same team of care providers.

This provides ample opportunity for therapeutic relationships to develop, trust to be established, and progress toward goals to be celebrated by patients and families together with a consistent team of healthcare professionals. To read more about one patient’s experience in our stroke unit, visit the Quality section of this report!

As healthcare evolves, becomes more technologically driven, and the focus continues to grow on metrics and data, it is important that we always remember that it is the compassion and human interaction that impacts the patient experience.

Karen Davis
Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive

Staff from the Acute Medical Unit on the fourth floor, include, left to right, Krysten Green, RN, Tanya Jackson-Awcock, CRN, Christina Mai, Pharmacist, and Leah Sleegers, RPN.

Staff from our Acute Medical Unit on the fourth floor, include, left to right, Krysten Green, RN, Tanya Jackson-Awcock, CRN, Christina Mai, Pharmacist, and Leah Sleegers, RPN.