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Learn how we equip our team to provide the best care

Respect for people is a central pillar in a Lean organization. Our approach at STEGH is to respect people’s knowledge, talents and skills in continuous improvement aimed at improving health care services to our patients.  Our goal is to engage, enable, and empower all of our people to become creative problem solvers and to do work which they find rewarding and meaningful.

During the past fiscal year, STEGH targeted four areas of focus for improvement which were identified in our results from an Employee Experience Survey.  These areas of focus included:

  • Recognition
  • Adequate Resources & Equipment to do daily work
  • Employee Development Opportunities
  • Communication of the Goals of the Organization

Recognition is important to everyone! Our patients acknowledge staff, physicians and volunteers every week when completing our Patient Satisfaction Surveys. We specifically list the names of all those mentioned, add a photograph of one of our colleagues who received special mention, and post this information on huddle boards across the hospital. A personalize note of thanks from the President and CEO follows! What better source for recognition than from our patients themselves!

However, there are many staff who rarely come into direct contact with our patients/families, and so will not be recognized through this source. In keeping with our Lean approach to respect people’s expertise and talent, STEGH began another recognition program this past year to acknowledge those individuals who have contributed to continuous improvement at our hospital.

On July 12, 2015 we began tracking service area improvements and the executive team meets every week to review the list of improvements. The complete list is posted on all huddle boards and each week, two initiatives are highlighted and a personalized recognition card is sent by the President and CEO.

Adequate Resources and Equipment

A daily team huddle is held on every unit and service  at STEGH. This daily huddle is a place to ask the team every day this

simple question: Do you have adequate resources and equipment to do your work today?  We began asking this question during the past year and have found that this stimulates problem-solving to begin immediately!  This question is now part of the daily huddles across the organization.

Employee Development

STEGH is committed to employee development and educational support for our staff and renewed focus was spent on communicating the opportunities that are available to staff. In addition, we launched a new ‘Performance Excellence Program’ this year that shifts away from the traditional ‘annual performance evaluation’ process toward a system of more regular “coaching” conversations and real time feedback between employees and their managers. An important part of the conversation is to learn about the employee’s aspirations and development goals.

STEGH continued to offer Yellow and Green Belt training to staff during the past fiscal year.  This is a key strategy to build capacity within the hospital to sustain our Lean journey and we now have 190 staff who have completed Yellow Belt training and 31 staff who have completed Green Belt training since we began offering this to our staff. This training provides an understanding of Lean, the tools and techniques and the benefits that can be achieved through Lean methodology in the healthcare environment. It also provides staff with the opportunity to fully utilize the tools and techniques to complete a continuous improvement project.

Communication of Goals

The Executive Leadership Team also recognized the importance of ensuring that everyone knows where STEGH is going as a community hospital within a very dynamic and changing healthcare landscape. Our Executive Team and Strategic Leadership Team worked with our Strategic Communications and Stakeholder Relations Lead to broadly and more comprehensively communicate this to all staff, leaders, and the community.

STEGH’s vision to deliver an excellent patient experience, every time, is integrally linked to staff experience. We want our staff to feel valued, appreciated and be recognized for their role in helping us meet our vision.

Second Image	Seven female respiratory therapy workers, wearing bright coloured scrubs, standing around a respiratory therapy machine, smiling

Our Respiratory Therapy Team provides care throughout the hospital. Respiratory therapists are advanced-practice clinicians in airway management and are often in charge of initiating and managing life support for people in intensive care units and emergency departments, stabilizing, treating and managing hospital-to-hospital patient transport by ambulance.