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It seems like yesterday to me, but it was in 2011 that I entered into my final contract with our Board of Governors as STEGH President and CEO. That contract comes to a close in October 2016, and I officially informed our hospital Board in early 2016 that I will be leaving STEGH at that time to pursue the next stage of my life and career. Since becoming CEO in 2001, I have had the good fortune to work with countless individuals within our hospital and across our community to address the many challenges faced by STEGH to adapt to our changing and dynamic health care system. I greatly appreciate this experience, enhanced and guided by the wisdom and integrity of our STEGH Board of Governors. It has afforded me the opportunity to learn and to grow both personally and professionally.

An important learning for me is that the job of a leader is to build a work environment that supports people using their own talents to solve problems, to test their ideas with their teams to find the right solution, and to produce results that matter to the patients and families we serve. I am convinced this is a path, maybe the only path, to sustainable and continuous improvement in both the patient and staff experience. I am not saying that the work of building this environment is finished. That is a long journey. However, I have learned how imperative it is to be on that path.

Throughout 2015, we continued to build and strengthen our lean learning and our lean ‘system’ at STEGH. Our goal is to enable everyone to bring their unique knowledge, skills and abilities to problem solving to create continuous and sustainable improvement and to pursue our STEGH vision “to deliver an excellent patient care experience, every time.”

Some highlights from 2015 include:

  • Putting the “shovel in the ground” for our long-awaited Redevelopment Project. In a joint announcement from STEGH and Infrastructure Ontario in November 2015, we shared the news that the contract for this project was awarded to EllisDon and they began to mobilize onsite almost immediately. It is difficult to put into words how rewarding it is to see the project come to fruition after 17 years of efforts!
  • Awarded Accreditation with Commendation following our June 2015 survey by Accreditation Canada. This is a remarkable accomplishment and confirms that STEGH continues to be a valuable and excellent performing hospital for the communities of St. Thomas and Elgin County. Accreditation is a useful process through which a hospital or health service organization can regularly and consistently be evaluated against consistent national standards. To read our Accreditation Report, click here. (link to stegh.on.ca/public reporting)
  • Achieving the status of ‘District Stroke Center’ as one of only four hospitals in our LHIN who will provide state of the art stroke care. STEGH is now operating a leading edge, ‘integrated stroke care unit’, that includes both acute stroke care and rehabilitation on the same care unit.

Finally, I want to say that STEGH remains steadfastly committed to elevating the patient experience, cultivating compassion, and listening to and involving patients and families in redesign, process improvement and quality and safety. STEGH has proven to be an industry leader in this work and has been invited to share its work and learnings across the region, the country and even internationally. To learn more about our Patient Experience Strategy and achievements, click here.

It has been a privilege and an honour to have worked alongside patients, staff, physicians, volunteers and the community this past year, and throughout my time here at STEGH.

Thank you all for the opportunity and for your support.

Paul Collins

President & CEO

Four men and one woman wearing matching blue shirts, standing on grass outside, smiling. One man holding a shovel performing sod turning.

The official groundbreaking ceremony for The Great Expansion took place in November 2015. Participating in the sod turning are, left to right, Paul Jenkins, Executive Director STEGH Foundation, Paul Collins, President and CEO, Bill Brown, Chair, STEGH Foundation, Melanie Taylor, Chair, STEGH Board of Governors, and Ken Monteith, Campaign Chair.