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It has been an interesting, rewarding and exciting year for our hospital. Our Redevelopment Project began in earnest in November and the physical space is taking shape quickly. It is remarkable to see what has already been accomplished since the Board signed off on the contract this past year.

Another key milestone in STEGH’s history took place this year with the official announcement that our current CEO, Paul Collins, would be leaving the hospital when his current contract ends in October 2016. On behalf of the STEGH Board of Governors and the community, I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional leadership, passion, and dedication that Paul has provided to our hospital and community in his role as President and CEO over the past 15 years.

Paul’s vision to develop and implement a continuous improvement culture and quality improvement culture at STEGH has resulted in a hospital that is innovative, highly efficient, and very effective. This approach and shift in culture has allowed STEGH to balance budgets, add new services, increase front-line staff, improve quality of care, and improve patient satisfaction during a five-year period of zero funding increases from the Government.

Paul’s vision, commitment, and determination to advocate for and champion the process of approval with the Ministry of Health greatly contributed to the ‘Great Expansion’ Redevelopment Project, which is the single largest investment in our hospital since it was built six decades ago.

The success of a leader is demonstrated in the success of the organization and STEGH, once again, excelled in a number of areas this past year. STEGH achieved impressive patient satisfaction scores with 94% of patients indicating their stay to be excellent or very good this past fiscal year. STEGH continues to sustain the lowest emergency wait times in Ontario despite a 37% increase in ER visits, resulting in significant Pay for Performance funding from the Ministry. And, this past year, STEGH was awarded Accreditation with Commendation by Accreditation Canada.

STEGH has benefitted tremendously from Paul’s leadership, mentoring, passion and drive. We wish him health and happiness as he moves on to new challenges and opportunities. Our Board of Governors began recruitment efforts in early 2016 with assistance from a reputable firm that specializes in senior executive health care recruitment. We look forward to working with Paul’s successor to continue supporting this important work.

In early 2016, the Board of Governors began planning for a community engagement session with our community partners. Our Board is strongly committed to working with our partners to fully understand the critical issues in our community, and to ensure there is clarity of the role of the hospital in the future from the healthy community perspective. Collectively, we can create a system in our region that is collaborative and patient centred.

As Board Chair, I wish to extend my personal thanks to the Board volunteers for their tireless efforts, commitment and passion. Together, we are making a difference in our community!

Melanie Taylor
Chair, Board of Governors

Strategy Room	Woman with collarbone length brown hair and wearing a black patterned shirt, standing in front of a strategy wall, smiling.

Board Chair, Melanie Taylor, stands by the strategy wall outside the hospital board room. The Strategy Wall highlights STEGH’s key priorities and metrics.