STEGH 2014/2015 Annual Report


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STEGH’s vision to deliver an excellent patient experience – every time – is achieved by relying on best practices, reinvigorating compassionate care, and promoting patient, family and community engagement. Our Patient Experience Strategy guides this important work to elevate the patient experience at STEGH. Our strategy focuses on the following key drivers:

  • Patient and Family Centred Care principles and vital behaviours
  • Culture (values, code of conduct, language)
  • Structure (design, decision making, information systems)
  • Skills (technical/clinical, people, communication)

We formed our first Patient Experience Council (PEC) in April 2013 and since that time, our seven volunteer Patient Advisors have made tremendous contributions to our success at STEGH.

Our PEC is a partnership of community members and hospital personnel committed to ensure an excellent patient care experience through the delivery of Patient and
Family-centred care in all aspects of care development and delivery.

Patient Centered Care is an approach to health care that respects the central role of the patient and family in the healthcare journey and upholds the importance of the family as a partner on the health care team.

During the past year, our Patient Advisors have contributed their time, talent, and energy to a number of continuous improvement initiatives. They participated in two rapid improvement events related to Outpatient Registration and bedside handover by nursing staff at shift changes. They brought the patient perspective and voice to planning and design work being done within our Special Care Nursery and for our “Great Expansion” Redevelopment Project. And, they have reviewed and provided input on a number of documents, signage and patient/provider communication tools.

One of the most significant contributions made by the PEC this year, however, is the creation and launch of our new Family Presence Guidelines, which eliminate set visiting hours and welcome family members as partners in care 24 hours a day according to the patient’s preference.

For patients, evidence suggests that supporting family presence and participation according to patient’s preferences decreases anxiety and confusion, makes the patient feel more secure and increases patient satisfaction, quality and safety. The presence of family members also promotes better communication and allows for more opportunities for patient and family teaching.

An additional seven patient advisors were recruited at the end of this fiscal year to help us continue on our Patient Experience Journey.